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Check Engine Light Facts

Check Engine Light

When your car’s computer detects that something is wrong, your check engine light (or equivalent) will turn on. For most people, however, knowing that the light is on and knowing what to do about it aren't the same thing. Read on to learn more about check engine lights, what to do about them, and why having access to a car mechanic online can change your life.

What Does the Light Mean?

If your check engine light turns on, that's just the first step of the detection process. There are so many different problems that can trigger that light, so you need more information before proceeding.

Are You Safe to Drive?

An immediate concern is whether or not your car is safe to drive while the light is on. If your car is bucking, stalling, or otherwise running poorly, play it safe and have the car towed. However, if you’ve had your car inspected and you do just need guidance for resetting the light you can watch a short video on how to do that here or your online mechanic can help guide you through the process.

When the Light Turns Off

Just because the check engine light turned off on its own, it doesn’t mean that everything is now okay. It's recommended that you still go through the process of checking out what could be wrong.

What Should You Do?

Having your car and check engine light addressed by a professional is always the best course of action. Whether the issue is major or minor, it is always best to have all of the information and make an informed decision about maintenance and repairs.

How Do You Turn the Light Off?

For many people, the first thought that crosses their mind when that little light pops on is, “how do I turn that thing off?” Since it may indicate that something is seriously wrong with your car, it's not recommended to just turn it off without getting it checked out. However, if you’ve had your car inspected and you do just need guidance for resetting the light, your mechanic can help guide you through that process.

If you find yourself at a loss and aren’t sure how to deal with your check engine light turning on, let the professionals at My Check Engine Light help you navigate the process and come up with the best solution. Having access to a car mechanic online makes the entire process easier and more accessible. Check out their website at

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