From a modest, blue collar upbringing Sam learned the value of a dollar by having to work for it.

Sam Dillinger

"After more than 20 years in the auto industry, I’ve seen countless people frustrated and thinking they are being taken advantage of. Many of they were right. I built this site, along with the groundbreaking services offered, to put the power of knowledge back into the hands of everyday consumers in all aspects of auto repair. I can show you how to to do minor repairs yourself to save you money and help you protect yourself from price gouging, over-repairing and outright fraud on the repairs you need to get from a professional garage. I built this site to give you the peace of mind you deserve when spending your hard earned money on your vehicle."

- Sam Dillinger, My Check Engine Light

About Sam Dillinger

Sam grew up in a small town in the mountains of western Pennsylvania. From a modest, blue collar upbringing he learned the value of a dollar by always working for it. His first job, at the age of 9, was as a paperboy for the local newspaper, working 5 days a week in the early mornings before school. Sam has had a job ever since then.

At the age of 18 his only means of transportation broke down and would not move at all. This was the beginning of a lifetime commitment to auto repair. Sam had already started a family and didn't have the financial means to pay for the necessary repairs. Out of options, time, and money, Sam leaned on his upbringing of always being self- reliant and hard working. He was able to remove the transmission and replace the clutch components by himself at home. This was his very first attempt at auto repair (not coincidentally, it was also his first successful attempt).

From there he enrolled in the local community college to begin training for a career in auto repair for a national brand auto dealership. The training was cut short due to financial hardship, but Sam did not allow this to be a deterrent. Now at the 21 year mark of his career, Sam is a fully trained, factory certified technician and is one of the premier transmission specialists in the country. Along the way Sam has delved into every aspect of auto repair, specializing in electrical diagnosis and repair, drivability diagnosis and repair, engine diagnosis and repair, as well as all other disciplines. The main focus of his career has always been transmission diagnosis and repair of every make and model vehicle on the road today, including brand new production models.

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Sam has been featured on the Huffington Post as well as other websites where he writes about auto repair, the auto industry and the benefits of fixing your car yourself.

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