How To Turn Off The Check Engine Light

How to Turn off Your Check Engine Light

This is probably the single most frequently asked question pertaining to a vehicle. Let's first start with a little information.

Did you know that you can get your check engine light scanned for free? Any of the major parts stores in the country, such as: Napa, Advance Auto, Autozone and O’Reilly's, will scan your vehicle, and tell you the P codes for no charge at all. They will definitely try to sell you something, according to what the code is, but you're not obligated to buy. Simply get the P code and visit us here to get started with your diagnostics.

So How do You Turn Off Your Check Engine Light?

On older vehicles you could just disconnect the battery, wait for 5 minutes, and reconnect the battery. The light would be out, and you would be good to go. However this can mask a problem that wasn't fixed, cause your radio not to work. On very new vehicles, this won’t erase the check engine light at all causing you to think there is still a problem. The safest, and best, way to turn off the light, is with a scanner.

Here's a tip that a lot of people don't know: if the problem that caused the light is fixed, the light will eventually go off by itself. It can take a week or more, but if the problem is truly fixed, it will absolutely go off on its own. Nobody really wants to wait that long to find out if the repair they've done is correct or not though. So, with a hand held scanner, or a blue tooth scanner for your smart phone, you can erase the light yourself, and avoid paying a mechanic to just to scan your vehicle or turn off the check engine light.